Tapping Screws


Plastic and Metal Tapping Screws

High Performance, Cold-formed Inserts
Designed to Join Your Components Better

What are plastic and metal tapping screws?

Plastic and metal tapping screws are a commonly used screws for interior trim, underbody, and bumper-to-bumper style fastener solutions.  These tapping screws are also commonly used mated with the ITW CIP spring steel nut, CIP U-Nuts, and CIP Box Nuts. Our sheet metal screws can be manufactured with different point styles. 


Shakeproof’s capable sales account managers and  our application engineers will work with you to help you solve your lead-in issues by selecting the best point style for your application. 

Cold-Formed Steel Screw

Case hardened Heat Treat

Torsional and Axial Strength

Strength allows for attachment in critical locations

Flexible Installation

Steel design allows assembly by:

  • Multiple Head styles available
  • A Variety of Point Styles including MaThread™.
  • Broad portfolio of designs
  • Very High Volume Production capabilties

Product Specifications

Providing the utility and strength of carbon steel in an insert design, GripTide™ is engineered for superior performance and versatility in plastic parts.

  • Alternative functions include: Threaded Stud, Ratcheting Stud
  • Size Range: 4.2, 4.8, and 6.3
  • Additional Sizes under development

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