Best-in-Class plastic tapping with a variety of sizes and configurations.

Innovative Forming Thread

What is PT®?

PT® is a self-tapping fastening screw used for thermoplastic materials. PT® was designed with manufacturing and application technology based on physical computer models and simulations. 

Why PT® works:

PT® has an innovative thread design that creates a torque curve during the installation phase that is independent of the screw depth.

Efficiency of PT® connections

Direct assembly using the PT screw makes thin-walled and flat designs possible. This leads to material savings and reduced cycle times during injection moulding.

Radial Forces

  • Low radial force – equals low radial stress.
  • Large axial component – for optimum material flow into the recessed thread root.

Displacement Volume

  • Larger thread bearing depth – for increased load-carrying capacity.
  • Lower installation torque – because of smaller leverage with the same displacement volume.

Product Specifications

  • Self tapping and thread forming in thermoplastics
  • Variety of point sizes, head styles, and diameters to meet application needs.
  • Safety due to high tensile and torsion strength as well as vibration resistance.
  • Size Range: M4 – M6


  • Interior trim panels
  • Instrument panels
  • Door panels or components
  • Any thermoplastic BOSS

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