Cold-Formed Fasteners

ITW Shakeproof produces cold-formed fasteners and specialty products via a cold heading process which does not require machining. This process provides significant cost savings opportunities to our customers and improved microstructures. The ITW Shakeproof catalog includes the following core product lines.

  • GripTide Inserts & Assemblies
  • Standard Fasteners
  • Cold-Formed Specialties (Bolts with special features)
  • Externally Threaded Product Sizes Range from M4-M10
  • Internally Threaded Product Sizes Range from M5-M14
  • Anti-Cross Threading Fasteners
  • Nut & Washer Assemblies (KEPS up to M14)
  • Thread-Forming Fasteners

GripTide™ Inserts & Assemblies

World class torque and pull-out performance with cold-formed steel practicality.

Tapping Screws

Multiple point types and head geometry: Standard, Hi-Lo, Wedge Root.

Thread Size: M4.2, M4.8, M6.3

Bolts & Studs

Standard bolts, SEMS Bolts, Shoulder bolts, Double-ended studs, Weld-Studs, Taptite.

Thread Sizes: M4 – M14