Best-in-Class plastic tapping with a variety of sizes and configurations. 

Innovative Forming Thread

What is EVO PT®?

EVO PT® is a self-tapping fastening screw used for thermoplastic materials. EVO PT® was designed with manufacturing and application technology based on physical computer models and simulations. 


Why EVO PT® works:

EVO PT® has an innovative thread design that creates a torque curve during the installation phase that is independent of the screw depth. This process creates a uniform tightening torque that can be used in production at different screw lengths. EVO PT® has a 26 degree flank angle allowing for excellent plastic forming.

Bionic Contour

Safety margins for challenging applications.

Thread Forming Zone

Reduced friction during thread forming with large torque windows thanks to small installation torque.

  • Thread forming torque is independent of the installation depth.
  • Installation-depth-independent tightening torques.
  • Uniform Tube design

Lead-in Thread

Automatic centering of the screw in the application with a smaller counterbore depth.

    Product Specifications

    • Self tapping and thread forming in thermoplastics
    • Variety of point sizes, head styles, and diameters to meet application needs.
    • Safety due to high tensile and torsion strength as well as vibration resistance.
    • Size Range: M4 – M10 (Specialty Sizes Up to M14 )


    • Interior trim panels
    • Instrument panels
    • Door panels or components
    • Any thermoplastic BOSS

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