Engineering and Design

ITW Shakeproof was founded nearly 100 years ago with the invention of the twist-tooth lock washer. To further that legacy of innovation, Shakeproof employs a team of highly qualified engineers.

Application Engineering

Shakeproof Engineers provide recommendations, design guidelines, and application guidance, to solve issues with performance, cost weight and ergonomics.

In- House Testing

Our testing is completed in-house in our onsite lab that includes industry standard equipment and machines to meet the requirements of your application.


Expert engineers can design custom solutions for your application that can typically be made available from idea to concept within 2-3 months.


As witnessed by our reputation and catalog of industry-leading fastener technology, we innovate new ways to improve and redefine automotive fasteners.


ITW Shakeproof has four manufacturing sites in Elgin, IL, Elk Grove, IL, and Machesney Park, IL, and Darlington, WI. Each plants is dedicated to a different range of products. Our plants range from 50,000 sq ft to 250,000 sq ft in size and are capable of both low and high volume projects with over 300 employees. We are best at high volume, shipping over 3 Billion parts in 2019. We are on target to exceed that volume in 2020.

Licensed Features