Best-in-Class plastic tapping with a variety of sizes and configurations. 

Innovative Thread Geometry

What is DELTA PT®?

Delta PT® is special fastening product used for assembly in thermoplastic materials. It can be included in all automotive applications where components have to withstand very high loads.


Why DELTA PT® works:

DELTA PT® is the result of consequent analysis of the material displacement during thread-forming. The flank angle of this screw reduces the radial stress compared to common thread flanks with 60° flank angles. Since the 20° or 30° angle respectively, generates only slight radial stress a thin-walled design can be realized. The thread flank also guarantees optimum material flow of the formed plastic even with reinforced thermoplastic.

Optimized Threadforming

Thread profile is provides for ideal material flow in plastic bosses. Delta PT® is a strong fastener that you can rely on in your applications.

Wide Selection

Available in a variety of head styles, point styles, and diameters.

Design Support

Application engineering can support complete joint design and part selection to meet performance needs.

    Product Specifications

    • Self tapping and thread forming in thermoplastics
    • Variety of point sizes, head styles, and diameters to meet application needs.
    • Safety due to high tensile and torsion strength as well as vibration resistance.
    • Size Range: M4 – M6 


    • Interior trim panels
    • Instrument panels
    • Door panels or components
    • Any thermoplastic BOSS

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