Our Approach

With decades of engineering experience in the joint design field we pride ourselves in a comprehensive approach to problem solving.  We look at all the aspects of the joint and provide valuable guidance in the development of attachment points in the automotive industry. We consider both system performance and manufacturing factors as we optimize a solution. Early involvement in the vehicle development process and use of CAD models allows ITW to recommend the proper threaded fastener early in the process. When possible we use existing parts to save time and money for our customers. If an existing fastener does not meet the needs of the application we have the ability to create prototype parts for validation of concept. Our main objective is to provide a timely and cost effective solution.

Case Studies

Plastic fastening / Griptide

The Problem

Our customer had an issue with torsional and axial forces in a camshaft cover. The failure mode was a coil pack coming dislodged from the assembly causing engine misfire and failure.

Root Cause

Analysis revealed the standard brass insert did not provide adequate retention forces.


Replace the brass insert with a steel Griptide insert made locally at our Elgin Illinois facility. The sinusoidal wave pattern with adequate depth and penetration provided the needed retention forces. A secondary benefit to the insert is the use of steel, eliminating the concern of lead reporting.