High Performance, Cold-formed Inserts
Designed to Fasten Your Components Better

What is GripTide?

GripTide is an internally threaded cold-formed steep part used in plastics to mechanically provide and unlimited reusable thread. 


Why the GripTide feature works:

The Griptide multi-directional patterns were designed for maximum resistance to torque and pull-out. Repeated testing has demonstrated remarkable success including a bolt-breaking hold on a variety of plastics. Continuous 100% part inspection monitors every insert during all phases of the manufacturing process.  Cold-Forming provides design freedom while maintaining dimensional repeatability.

Cold-Formed Steel Insert

Produced with 100% verification of thread and GripTide™ features

Torsional and Axial Strength

Strength allows for attachment in critical locations

Flexible Installation

Steel design allows assembly by:

  • Induction Insertion
  • Convection Heating
  • Insert Molding

Product Specifications

Providing the utility and strength of carbon steel in an insert design, GripTide™ is engineered for superior performance and versatility in plastic parts.

  • Alternative functions include: Threaded Stud, Ratcheting Stud
  • Size Range: M5 – M8 (Specialty Sizes Up to M10 )
  • Additional Sizes under development